Reliable Wifi anywhere in Europe

Travelling to Europe and want to stay connected….

After many many trips to Europe, as a child and teen on vacation with my family to backpacking as a young adult then eventually leading amazing trips throughout the world and now with my own travel company staying connected has meant different things through these time.

eiffel tower hippocket

In the old days you weren’t connected and it was great to get away when you got back you had to tell people what had happened instead of them already knowing everything.

Now people want/need to be connected and although I tend to discourage all this connectivity it is part of our fabric now..


On my last business trip to Europe I rented a portable wifi hotspot from Hippocket wifi.  It was 5 euro a day and unlimited usage, it worked everywhere even remote places and to be honest I didn’t really think about it ever.  I turned it on in the morning and it did it’s thing i always had a good connection and spent zero dollars on roaming etc.  I used skype and viber to make calls and email and media were never a problem.  I used it aggressively to see if I could go over the reasonable usage on the unit and did not come close.  Even though there is a max suggested limit even if you go over they don’t just shut you down they check in via email and ask you to check to see if you haven’t left it on overnight playing your favorite streaming movie over and over.

david hippocket

I was very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone travelling to Europe who wants/needs to stay connected.  The unit I had says on it stay connected in France but now they are available throughout europe.

You can check them out HERE







Laid Up

“I usually don’t get into the gory details of my life but I am having some back problems which means for the moment lots of lying around reading.

Snoopy with back pain

One interesting read has been Healing Back Pain, by John E. Sarno.  A very different approach to the subject, I love that he quotes Charles Shultz

There’s nothing like a little physical pain to keep your mind off your emotional
problems.” Charles M. Schultz

The Dogfather

Dogfather  Mike the  Dogfather came to walk the dog today and I happened to be home from work with a sore back so I saw him and chatted a bit.

“Do you know a white bull terrier who lives around here?” Mike said

“No, I don’t think so” I replied “Is it the one across the street from ken’s? I think that one has some black on it and I saw them waling it earlier today so I don’t think it could have been it, I don’t think I know this dog”

Mike continued “Well you know what happened… This couple was walking the dog in the forest when the dog gets away, well ya see the boyfriend goes in after the dog and ends up breaking his leg”

“Wow!” I remarked

“Yeah, and it wasn’t even their dog, they were dog sitting, I guess it was so bad that they had to call the ambulance to come and get him out”

“And I thought I was having a bad day with by back and all that sounds like a total nightmare” I said

“Well I saw her in the forest about 2 hours after all of this had happened, she was looking for the dog and she was pretty frantic. said mike.

And we chuckled a bit not that it was funny that the fella broke his leg, that was unfortunate we laughed because that’s how life is sometimes.  While we stood there talking me with my bad back and he with his since Mike had been through something similar to what I had.  We were happy in that things could always be worse.

I hope they found the dog and that the fella with the broken leg heals fast.






Getting Spacey

On April 14, 1981


Space shuttle Columbia comes home for the first time.

What a sense of pride they must have had.

James Young, Chief Historian of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, remembered the landing well. “You just had to be there to hear, even feel, the double crack of the sonic boom,” Young said. “It was such a tremendous sense of excitement to see something never seen before, to witness such a historic event.”

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