The Abolition of Tipping

Giant Leap for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group

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— Danny Meyer has instilled a company culture that is unrivaled —Chris Hill

I am not a supporter of tipping.  I can see how this behavior has infiltrated our culture then warped into some twisted reward system.  Good businesses take care of their employees. Working folk especially ones doing the kinds of jobs that often include tipping as a significant portion of their take home pay should not have to rely on the whim of a customer.  Let the bosses pay for the work and charge the customers accordingly rather than using fear of not getting paid to motivate a server to do their job.  It will be a disaster for businesses that are not able to create an environment that will attract hard working engaging intelligent staff.  But for the ones that do like Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group they will reap the rewards.


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not so UBER

I think I will stick with Taxi’s thank-you. I never felt like I needed to undercut a cabbie for a cheaper ride, but maybe that’s just me.  We really need to stop shopping around so much and just pay a reasonable price for what we get in return.  All of us need to earn a living and things like UBER seem like a great deal but they are lacking in many ways and funnel our hard earned dollars to a few sitting in silicon valley.  There is obviously a fairly loose connection to UBER since the offender likely suffers from mental illness but I suspect if they worked for a taxi company someone might have noticed that this fella was struggling….