Never cry Wolf, part 2

Canadian Coastal Wolf

The article is interesting enough but by now if you don’t know that, as a race, we are doing a great job of proving our natural born killer instinct then check it out.  Why use this great image of a a coastal wolf from the Province of British Columbia Canada to express this idea, the author should go back and read Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf


Good Morning From the International Space Station 08/11/2015 10:14 AM EDT

good morning

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly), currently on a year-long mission on the International Space Station, took this photograph of a sunrise and posted it to social media on Aug. 10, 2015. Kelly wrote, “#GoodMorning to those in the western #USA. Looks like there’s a lot going on down there. #YearInSpace”

The space station and its crew orbit Earth from an altitude of 220 miles, traveling at a speed of approximately 17,500 miles per hour. Because the station completes each trip around the globe in about 92 minutes, the crew experiences 16 sunrises and sunsets each day.

Image Credit: NASA

Last Updated: Aug. 11, 2015
Editor: Sarah Loff