help for the homeless

Guilty as charged

I lived in Toronto during the winter of 2005/2006 and remember seeing, for the first time a homeless person sleeping on the steam vent while well heel businessmen/women stepped over them on their way to work on Bay street.

My walk home from work near the Eaton Center to Casa Loma often took me up Spadina where some of the less well heeled member of the community would congregate.  My best idea at the time was to take some of these cats out for dinner.  There was this one fellow who rode a bike around with only one leg.  His story wasn’t much different than those of other people I know who are having a tough go at life but once he found himself homeless things got very bad fast.

There is no reason we can’t house everyone in the rich cities of the world.  Homelesness in Toronto is an embarsament.  Good to see some movement in the right direction there.


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