So long it’s been good to know you

Amur Leopard - Mother and Cub

Amur Leopard – Mother and Cub

You can’t belive everything you read. Anonymous

Take it with a grain of salt. Anonymous
15 Species that may go extinct in 2015

Anyone who has seen 2001 a Space Odyssey may recal an early scene where the large rectangular icon appears and is immediately worshipped and the fighting begins.  Humankind has alwasy looked for another meaning or a shortcut and whether it is Rhino horns or Totoaba swim bladders we continue to believe that these things improve our lives.  We are all guilty in one way or another.  Killing is totally unnecessary we dont need precious animal parts or in most cases even teh meat of animals to survive.  Anyone can easily tell that a living animal has more to give to our society than a dead one even just from it’s beauty.

It is Ironic we choose the most majestic to kill first.

We are all guilty and need to continually scan for ways to change our thinking so as to stop this primitive behavior.
Grow up


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