Stop Enbridge Stop using oil


In case anyone was unsure about this let me shed some light on the subject.  Enbridge and oil companies in general have a net negative impact on all of our lives.  The only way to stop them is to stop using oil.  This means you.  If you think you need it, you are wrong. Find another way. We survived for tens of thousands of years without it. Don’t be an idiot.



One of the most difficult things I face today is having the energy to do the things they say I should.  Being alone with my thoughts is exhausting.  Surrounding myself with people is also exhausting. With so many years ahead of me it is only the fact that so many people manage to do so that gives me hope.

God grant me the strength



I hope all is well in your camp.  Mileage points can be fairly restrictive.

I saw this written somewhere the other day and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. Today is gray and raining the dog is sitting by the window chewing on his stick. It is quiet except the sound of tyres on rain and the incessant chewing in the background.

Cold, dampRaven



Swoosh swoosh